Tennis Betting on Mobile

Tennis betting revolves around the fast paced sport of tennis which is extremely popular in Australia. The Australian Open is one of the most awaited tennis events in Australia although players from Australia also compete in tournaments all over the world. Whether it is a local player or an international athlete that has caught your attention, you can bet on them from any of these mobile betting sites to simply show your support, to make a match more exciting or to wager on the front runner for the Australian Open.

Men’s, Women’s, Singles and Doubles Betting

Tennis has several different categories when it comes down to the sport itself. In tennis betting a punter in Australia will be able to bet on any of these categories for a myriad of different wagers and odds. Firstly the sport is divided into Singles and Doubles. A singles tennis match is between two players, the outcome is that of a single winner. A doubles match consists of a challenge between two teams; each team is made up of two players. More than this, there are men’s divisions and women’s divisions for both these categories.  In addition to this there are the mixed doubles matches. You can enjoy your choice of one particular category or switch and swop between them.

Tennis Championship Betting

Tennis betting in Australia becomes even more exciting in the matches leading up to the championships. The preliminary matches are often a great indicator of how the top players will perform in later matches. One of the other great elements of betting of tennis is betting on the long shots which may be favourites even if they have not lived up to their potential in the current season. Some significant championships that draw a lot of attention include the US Open, French Open, Australian Open and Wimbledon.

Australian Open

Punters in Australia might follow many international championships but it is the Australian Open that draws the most excitement and holds the most allure for tennis betting. It is not only one of the most important championships around the world but it is one of the most popular sporting events in Australia. It kicks off the Grand Slam tournaments and is often used as a possible indicator of how players will perform in coming tournaments.

Tennis Betting Types

With so many matches and tournaments around the world you really have unlimited opportunities when it comes to betting via your mobile device. Add to this the multitude of betting options per match and you are sure to be spoilt for choice. Here are some of the bets Australian punters can make in tennis betting:

  • Outright bets (placed on individual players to be in the finals of a championship)
  • Match bets (requires the punter to choose winners for each of the individual matches, regardless of the outcome of the tournament)
  • Set bets (choose scores and winners by sets in a particular match)
  • Live betting which is a thrilling way to punt as the action unfolds (allows expert bettors to analyse odds as they rapidly change throughout the match)

Try one of these recommended sites for betting on tennis in Australia via your mobile device today!