Greyhound Betting in Australia

Greyhound betting in Australia is one of the highest rated punting events in the country and it is no surprise why! With the fast pace and exhilaration the sport brings comes the even more exciting sport of betting on it. When it comes to Greyhound racing, it is nearly as popular as horse racing. There is a multitude of greyhound racing events to bet on and Aussie punters will be able to enjoy quick races with a quick turnaround between each race.  There is even a suggestion that Greyhound racing bets pay out quicker than others. There are many large events in the Greyhound betting calendar ranging from the Solo Melbourne Cup to the Golden Easter Egg which is one of the biggest attractions for greyhound race fans. It is also Australia’s richest race. Other noteworthy races for the Greyhound fanatic include the National Derby, the Sandown Cup and the MTD Australian Cup.

Greyhound Betting on your Mobile

For punters who have had some experience with race being or more specifically, horse race betting, the bets you can place are almost identical. Experienced bettors should have no difficulty at all, this being said, novice or inexperienced punters should not struggle either! It is however recommended that novice punters start with the simpler Greyhound betting like the bets identified below, before moving on to more complex bets. These sites offer punters in Australia even more ease of access and simplicity by offering their services straight to your mobile device! Place your bets no matter where you are without worrying about missing the bookmaker’s office or the race. Keep up to date with statistics, race outcomes and tracking your bet right in the palm of your hand.

Simple Bets from Win to Each Way

As mentioned before, these bets are extremely similar to horse racing bets. The standard bets to place when you are punting at one of these great Australian mobile sites for Greyhound betting include the Win, Place and Each Way bets. The Win bet is a simple bet on which greyhound you believe will win a specific race. The Place bet requires the punter to select a horse to finish in a paying, placed position (2nd place onwards). The Each Way be is a combination of these two bets and requires the bettor to select one greyhound to achieve either 1st (a Win) or a paying placed position (Place therefore 2nd onwards).

Complex and Exotic Greyhound Betting

The more enticing bets, though more complex in nature, are still extremely easy to grasp and with some experience can prove to be most rewarding! Punters in Australia can enjoy the very best mobile Greyhound betting here! The Quinella bet requires the bettor to select the top two placed greyhounds (1st and 2nd) regardless of the order in which they finish. The Exacta bet is similar except that it requires the exact order of the 1st and 2nd greyhounds. The Trifecta bet works like the Exacta bet but includes the 3rd position. Bet at one of these great mobile betting sites today for the best punting experience!