Cycling Betting on Mobile

Cycling betting on your mobile device is an excellent way of punting on cycle races without having to rush to a bookmaker to place your bet.  Place your bet at any time which is convenient to you from anywhere you are by using your mobile phone or tablet.

Compatibility for Cycling Betting

The betting sites suggested on this page for Australian punters are all compatible with any mobile device from smart devices to android and even symbian devices.  You can either download an application to your mobile device which enables you to access your favourite betting site with a single tap or alternatively you can place your bets via the browser on your device.  Cycling betting is available 24/7.

Cycling Betting Tips and Odds

The suggested betting sites on this page for Australian punters are an excellent way of keeping up to date with races, statistics of these races, betting odds and to place bets.  The ease and convenience of these sites makes punting on cycling races a more exciting experience than ever before.  All the tips, betting odds and statistics are available at the tip of your fingers when you use your mobile device.

Registering an Account for Cycling Betting

Registering an account with one of the suggested sports betting sites listed on this page is quick and easy.  Cycling betting is just one of the many events punters can bet on though.  Cycle races from around the world are featured on these sites and Australian punters can bet on any of them in their own currency.

Type of Cycling  Races to Bet on

As previously mentioned, there are races from around the world punters can wager on.  These include six day track cycling races, Velodrome, Enduro, mountain biking, tours and other race meetings.  Browse through the betting sites suggested on this page for a complete scope of cycling races to bet on.

Types of Cycling Betting

There are numerous types of cycling betting punters can place at the suggested betting sites listed on this page for Australian punters.  Some of these include Race winner, Jersey winner and Rider special bets.  Jersey bets include the GC, mountains and sprint jerseys.  Match bet markets are very exciting bets to place.

Match Bet Markets

Mobile online betting sites will select two riders to put against each other and punter can bet on which one of the two riders will win out of the two.  The rider’s final placement doesn’t influence this type of bet, only which one of the two beat the other.  Cycling betting gets even more interesting when match bet markets are tied to accumulator bets.  You can select various match bets with excellent betting odds due to the risk you will be taking in selecting various winning cyclists instead of just one.  With an accumulator bet, all the bets you place must be successful in order to draw revenue from it but because of this risk, the odds are excellent and worth punting on.  You will find the best Australia mobile betting sites listed on this page.

If you want to access Australia’s top mobile sports betting sites simply select one of our top picks and start enjoying cycling betting at your convenience today.