Financial Betting for Mobile

Financial betting or spread betting refers to a wager that is placed on the development with reference to a financial instrument. This is a digital option that is offered to all Australian bettors who keep an eye on the stock market, exchange rate or any other asset that is available in Australia. You are able to make win or lose bets against a specific asset. For example you may make a bet that the exchange rate from Euro to Australian dollar will rise by eleven percent, you would then choose a settlement date that this bet must be settled by and if you are correct you have won! This is a simple way to partake in financial trading without having any underlying assets at your disposal.

The Authenticity of Financial Betting

Financial betting offers an authentic stock market feel to it. You are able to bet at the top online betting sites in Australia and have peace of mind knowing that the bets you make are one hundred percent fair and legal, most of these sites also offer a section where you are able to see statistics based on your bets and follow them to see how your bet is developing. With the introduction of mobile devices you are also able to do this whilst on the go, ensuring that you make the most from your financial betting.

Types of Financial Betting

There are three main types of financial betting that you can partake in. There are a few more, however these are the most common and provide the best understanding into the world of mobile financial betting. These are fixed odds, floating odds or binary betting. Fixed odds mean that the betting odds are fixed throughout the bet all the way to the settlement date. With floating odds, the odds will change at what is called the strike price. Once the strike price has been hit, your odds will change and you are able to win more according to your initial bet. Binary betting is where you are able to see odds as an index from 0 up to 100. The bet is settled at 100 if the event waged upon happens and at 0 if the event waged upon does not happen, an amount is waged upon per every point on the index.

Bet on your Mobile

With the new technology available to all Australians it is easier for you to make financial bets directly from your mobile phones or tablets. Simply find the best betting apps that are available from mobile devices on this website and get started today! This will add a sense of convenience to your life and make the whole process of financial betting that much easier.

This is a great way to win big if you are able to understand the markets and be able to place knowledgeable bets on a specific asset. You are able to win big from your mobile device and reap all the rewards from the top Australian mobile betting sites, even when on the go.