Mobile Totes Betting

Few things in life have lasted as long as the tradition of tote betting has. Essentially, what this kind of betting entails is a contribution from each punter. This ultimately affects the sizes of the jackpot and subsequent prizes, as the total prize money is pooled from the bets placed. This is, of course, an extremely exciting sentiment for punters as it means that they never know just how much their total winnings may be. While this tradition’s intrinsic value has remained the same over the years, it has been adapted to accommodate the modern lifestyle. We live in a fast-paced world that functions primarily on mobile devices. Almost everything we do these days can be done quickly and efficiently via this method. Tote betting is no different. Over the past few years, punters in Australia have been on a quest to find the best mobile totes available in the country. While this does seem like a mammoth task, it is certainly not an impossible one.

Are the Best Mobile Totes for All Punters?

While this is a commonly shared sentiment, the reality is quite the opposite. Within Australia alone, there are millions of punters who turn to totes before any other form of betting. Sure, it is the simplest form of mobile betting in Australia. It involves very little trawling over research. All a punter has to do is ensure that they know exactly which horse to bet on, for example. You pick the race you wish to bet on, you pick the horse and then you place your horse racing bets in multiples of one Australian Dollar. However, when it comes to the best mobile totes, it is important to mention the fact that on average, mobile totes pay up to 25% more in winnings than any other form of betting. Those seem like pretty decent odds, don’t they?

Our Role in Finding the Best Mobile Totes?

While tote betting may be all the rage in Australia at the moment, it can be extremely hard to determine what the best mobile totes are. There are so many out there that it can prove to be extremely difficult for punters to find the best mobile totes to suit their needs. This is where we step in, however. We trawl through the extensive range of totes available to punters who prefer mobile totes to their traditional counterparts. From this, we find the best ones available in Australia and compare them before presenting them to you right here. We eliminate all of the stress and hassle associated with sourcing the best mobile totes for yourself.

All in all, the best mobile totes available to punters in Australia make up a truly fantastic range. If you prefer the more convenient mobile totes to the traditional ones, then you have come to the right place to find ones that will ensure your betting experience is always a pleasant one. If you enjoy the thrill that totes have the power to bring, then sit back, relax and browse the ones we recommend for you right here.