Mobile Golf Betting

Golf betting is a practice that dates back to the infancy of the sport. Time honoured and traditional as it may be though, the more recent forms of betting on golf including the online and mobile versions are fairly new. It used to be that a gentlemen’s bet may be placed between the players on the green and side bets were very rarely placed. Today, gentlemen’s bets still exist to some extent, normally between non-professionals as a friendly wager. The majority of betting on golf however has become a spectator activity which includes a multitude of golf tournaments around the world. With golf betting events taking place all year round and throughout many different countries including Australia, punters will have the very best sports betting options whenever and wherever they please thanks to Australian mobile betting sites.

The Basics of Betting on Golf

Betting on golf has become a staple for most decent online betting sites such as the sites mentioned here for mobile punting. The sites follow most of the international or major golfing tournaments but your favourite site may also include other less popular tournaments. Finding a site that caters to your specific likes is essential since an international tournament may not take place every weekend. These second tier golf tournaments sustain the golf betting market throughout the year so that punters from Australia never miss out!

Golf Betting Options

Online and mobile bookmakers typically offer punters two betting options. The first is the tournament Win bet which is often recommended as a bet for novice punters in Australia. Since golf is a sport that pitches individuals against other individuals, there may be times when certain golfers are on what is known as a hot streak. One example of this is of Tiger Woods leading up to 2009. During his run to the top, betting on him was thought of as a sure bet for golfing betting since he was winning far more than he was losing. The side effect of this however, is that during his peak odds for him were very low and punters would not see as big a reward as on a long bet (giving that the long shot won). More than this, since most of the golfers (roughly the top 20) are on the same standing, often the element of chance plays a bigger role in betting on golf than pure statistical analysis.

Match up Betting

The second  method of betting which is an option more taken by experienced punters in Australia, is the option that pitches two players together in what is known as a match up. In golfing betting, bookmakers will pick these match ups and post them on their sites such as the great mobile sites listed here, for punters to select as options for a possible profit. The punter is now only concerned about which of these golfers in the match will achieve a higher standing than the other. Try one of these recommended mobile sites for punters in Australia today to place your bet!