Android Betting Australia

With Android betting, you can place a bet whenever it suits you no matter where you are.  Simply log onto one of the suggested sites listed on this page to find the best Australia mobile betting sites.

Types of Android Betting

There are different types of bets you can place via your Android mobile.  Some of these include a win, a place, each-way, single, multiple, double, treble, accumulator and full cover bets.  The selections vary from bookmaker to bookmaker but the above types of bets are the most common.

Mobile Betting on a Win

This type of bet produces a return only if the selection comes first in an event.  This type of bet is very easy to place with Android betting.

Place Bet

The return on a place bet is often based on a fixed proportion of the winning odds of the selected numbers or place.

Each-Way Bet

Each-way bets may be placed on single events or two or more selections in a multiple bet.  This is a combination bet where win and place bets of equal size are placed.

Single Bet

Australian punters can place bets on an individual selection with the single bet.  The odds are not as high as multiple selections bets but yield a good return when the correct selection has been punted on.

Multiple Bet

Android betting takes on all forms.  The multiple bet is a double, treble or accumulator bet which is linked to a series of win singles where all the return from the first selection is automatically staked on the successive selections until all the selections have won.

Double Bet

This is a bet on two selections of which both must win to gain a return.

Triple Bet

This bet is similar to the double bet, except it applies to three wins.

Accumulator Bet

The accumulator bet is the big brother of the double and triple bets.  In this instance the accumulator bet applies to four, five and six consecutive wins.

Full Cover Bet

This wager consists of all possible doubles, trebles and accumulators across a given number of selections.

Android Betting at its Premium

Android betting opens up a whole new world to Australian punters.  The best sites for Australian punting can be found on this page.  Placing bets with your Android mobile device will not only save you time and money, it will allow you to place bets even when you can’t get to a betting station.  The speed of your Android mobile device will ensure your betting experience is as quick and efficient as any betting station can make it.

Bet on an Event or Sport

The suggested sites for Australian punters on this page allow Android users to place bets on any sporting or other betting event.  Bets can be placed on horse racing meets, basketball, soccer, cricket, rugby, Australian and American rules football, financial predictions and even elections betting.  Go to any of the suggested sites on your mobile device now for a complete scope of Australian Android betting opportunities.