Mobile AFL Betting

AFL betting allows Aussie punters to place bets on their favourite AFL team. The AFL is a league that operates in Australia and New Zealand and is based in Australian Rules football. It is one of the most popular forms of betting for Aussies and is as exciting as the game itself! The AFL following is an undeniable part of Australian culture and so too is betting on the AFL. More than this, you will be able to find the very best sites for betting on the AFL right here, available on your mobile device!

The AFL Season

When it comes to AFL betting, the term may often be interchangeable with Australian Rules football betting and while it may not be completely correct, it is well known enough to be understood. The league itself consists of 18 teams spread over the five states of Australia. Most of these states support two teams. The AFL season consists of a pre-season known as the NAB challenge which is followed by a round of 23 regular season matches. All of these should be available to you for punting on with the wonderful mobile betting Australia sites listed here.

The AFL Betting Basics

Every football or sports fan knows how exciting it can be to try and determine the outcome of a match. AFL betting incorporates that excitement into its betting programme for Australia. The bookmakers listed on the mobile sites here will offer not only the traditional Win bet (selecting the winning team for a specific match) but will also be able to offer more enticing bets on dream teams or bets that rely on a points spread before paying out. You will easily be able to access all these betting options directly from your mobile device whenever and wherever you please.

Choosing an AFL Team to Bet on

Naturally, as often happens in sporting bets, a punter from Australia may have a favourite team to which he or she is loyal. This team support is one of the exciting parts of AFL betting as team fans cold strongly influence betting odds. This course of action may be absolutely acceptable for some punters and too uncertain for others. The most recommended strategy for bettors in Australia is to bet for the team they feel is most likely to win and not their favourite to support. Some punters will choose to bet on the team they support no matter what the bookmakers say and this is one small art of what makes betting on the AFL so exhilarating.

Options for Betting on the AFL

The AFL is an extremely busy league with an almost year round calendar of events. This means that your betting options are near endless and that with AFL betting you will have the very best options to choose from. An example of this is the fact that the AFL has enough matches for bracket bets to be taken. You could place long term or short term bets and you could even bet on the teams that you believe will reach the top of the point’s ladder. You can enjoy all these betting options and more when you punt at these mobile sites for Australia.